Knowing Your Plastic Codes: No. 2

So the journey of avoiding plastic continues. And instead of getting easier, I think it’s getting more difficult. Just about everywhere I go, I find I have to make a compromise of some kind. So does it really make me a bad person to use a straw? Because despite the name, straws are plastic. I’m guessing you may have seen those biodegradable straws? Well, evidently I drink super slowly, because I’ve tried those and they tend to fall apart even before I finish my drink. By the way, Happy Valentines Day. I gave my loved ones dark chocolates wrapped in foil this year. But wouldn’t you know it? Even some candies come in a plastic bag. OK, well onto number 2.

HDPE is high density polyethylene. This plastic is used for products with short shelf life, like milk. It’s also used for grocery and retail bags, but you bring your own bags shopping, right? The plastic can be clear or colored, and because it’s crack resistant, this plastic can also be used for household chemicals. Here are a few bottles you may want to flip over to see if they have a 2.

Sometimes used for milk, juice, syrup, vinegar, cocoa mix, shampoo, motor oil, margarine tubs, household cleaners, bleach and yogurt. A good candidate for recycling, HDPE is used to make many goods ranging from oil bottles to picnic tables. I noticed on one of the HDPE containers in my pantry says “dishwasher safe”, so before you recycle you may think of a way to reuse, which is even better.

What’s for dinner? Pesticides?